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Weekly Request Round Up and New Prompts!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first Rare Pair prompt post of 2017! *confetti* Everyone, we made it through 2016 and we have a lot of great TF stuff to look forward to, from the new movie to the comic books and the anniversaries of TF: Animated and Beast Wars! Woot! (I know which continuities this mod will try to do more fills for! ~_^)

Getting down to business, though!

The last prompt post gathered no responses. :( Hopefully this two week run will be better for all of us, including me.

And now for the prompt post!

Skywarp/Skyburst – clash of ideals
Roadrage/Overlord – destruction on wheels (wings)
Cosmos/Chromia – long-lost siblings
Slipstream/Thundercracker – Stormbound

TF: Prime/Aligned
Ultra Magnus/Moonracer - Truth or Dare
Nightbird/Soundwave - Dusk
Optimus Prime/ Airachind – what might have been
Arcee/Optimus Prime – new beginnings
Ratchet/Airachnid – time honored requests
Arcee/Ratchet – Time heals
William Fowler/June Darby – milk run

Shockwave/Rosanna - Outliers
Prowl/Red Alert –medical necessity
Blackarachnica/Sentinel Prime – never forgiven
Blackarachnia – Shockwave - nevermore
Ultra Magnus/Chromia – once upon a time

IDW comics
Chromodome/Path Finder – Axiom Nexus
Prowl/Howlback – minicons (mini-con)
Megatron/Moonracer – forgotten allies
Rodimus/Shadow Striker – unseen assassin

Sideswipe/Fracture - forbidden
Drift/Shadow Striker – lost memories
Starscream/Perihelion – different choices
Mirage(Dino)/Arcee – captive together

PS: we always need more prompts, for all TF continuities! Please send your pairings and prompts to tfrare.pair@gmail.com if you think of any!
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