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Weekly Request Round Up and Resurrection Sunday Prompts!

Greetings everyone! Hope you've all had a great couple of weeks! Welcome to a shiny new round of old Resurrected prompts!

Before we get started, I just want to mention that (like always) we need new prompts! Let’s get next month’s mod off to a rocking start! Prompts from any/all TF continuities can be sent to the mod email: tfrare.pair@gmail.com

Last Week's Responses:

By ragnarok_08
Something In Common(TF: Prime, Rated K, June Darby/William Fowler, no warnings given)
Just Beneath the Surface (TF: Prime, Rated K, Optimus Prime/Arcee, no warnings given)
If You Let Me Be Your Anchor (TF: Prime, Rated K, Arcee/Ratchet, no warnings given)
Seeker and Sought(TF: Prime, Rated K, Ultra Magnus/Moonracer, Alternate Universe)

Let’s have some more this week!

And now for your Resurrection Sunday prompts!

Jazz/Bluestreak — once upon a time
Red AlertxHook, asleep
Optimus Prime/ Ultra Magnus - See the truth
Hot Rod/Springer - Concentrate
Blaster/Jazz - Take you where you want to be


Brainstorm/Chromedome - Only I know
Tarn/Drift: "If absolute power corrupts absolutely, does absolute powerlessness make you pure?"
Blaster/ Perceptor - A way to start the day
Axe/Wing - beautiful view
Orion Pax/Senator Shockwave – Hope

TF: Prime/Aligned (Including RiD cartoon)

Smokescreen/Bumblebee – Picture Perfect
Breakdown/Dreadwing: not the same
Alpha Trion/Smokescreen--master and student
Grimlock/Ser-ket--up from the depths
Dreadwing/Arachnid – Finale


RatchetxJolt, manual instruction
SideswipexQue, things left behind
IronhidexEpps, sights that can't be unseen
Jazz/Bumblebee- -cover of night
Sideswipe/Jolt--a dream worth keeping
Mikaela/Elita: girl's gotta ride

Shattered Glass

Soundwave/Starscream--Zen Garden
Optimus Prime/Elita-1--viper
Jazz/Ricochet--hate and love with equal passion


Strika/Lugnut - Chase
Red Alert / Ratchet – student and teacher
Jazz/Jetfire--”It's about heat and passion. You're good at heat and passion.”
Strika/Megatron - first love

Beast Wars

Silverbolt/Blackarachnia – fly with me
Rattrap/Cheetor – playing with the big boys
Optimus Primal/Rhinox – remember when?

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