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Fallen Sith Empress

February Challenge Time!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to February! (Are you, like me, looking for the missing three weeks of January? Like, where did they go? Is this going to be another of those rapid-fire years?)

It’s been a bit since we had a challenge, so I’ve assembled a very simple one for the month of February. This month, we’ll be doing Loving Comment Art!

Comment art is exactly like comment fic, but for all types of art. Person A leaves a comment with a prompt, and Person B leaves a response to that comment with a fill (fic, art, playlist, photos, comics, whatever). Ideally, your prompt fill should fit into one comment, but we’ve all had a prompt or three get away from us, so posting elsewhere and linking back is also 100% okay!

There are only a few rules for this challenge, so I’ll list them out here.

1. Mind the banned/watched pairing lists. They’ve gotten updated.

2. Prompts and responses should be themed around the concept of love. And romantic love isn’t the only requirement! There can be any of the great ways we love others from friendship to family to romance!

3. Post prompts in the following format please:

Continuity, Character 1/Character 2, prompt word or phrase

4. Please reply to the comment with the prompt you are responding to, not to the main post!

5. Please, no more than 4 prompts using the same pairing per user. (That means that I can prompt Rodimus/Megatron 4 times and wicked3659 can also prompt for them 4 times.) Currently, there is no limit on the overall number of prompts you can submit, but please use your best judgment to avoid spamming the thread.

6. HAVE FUN!! (I cannot stress this one enough; it’s been a rough two weeks and we all need some fun and fluff and a good time right now.)
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