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Weekly Request Round Up and New Prompts!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first Rare Pair prompt post of 2017! *confetti* Everyone, we made it through 2016 and we have a lot of great TF stuff to look forward to, from the new movie to the comic books and the anniversaries of TF: Animated and Beast Wars! Woot! (I know which continuities this mod will try to do more fills for! ~_^)

Getting down to business, though!

The last prompt post gathered no responses. :( Hopefully this two week run will be better for all of us, including me.

And now for the prompt post!

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PS: we always need more prompts, for all TF continuities! Please send your pairings and prompts to tfrare.pair@gmail.com if you think of any!

Last prompts of 2016?!?!

Yep, sure looks like it!  I hope everyone had a great holiday, whether you celebrate Chanukah, Christmas, Yule, or the Winter Solstice, and I hope 2017 brings happiness, health and blessings to you all.

First, the fills since last time:

ragnarok_08 TFPrime, G "Let the Chalice Blaze" Flamewar/Ratchet
                                          "Phantoms Can't Hang" Optimus/Bumblebee

rose0mary, G1, G "Simple Beginnings" Prowl/Sunstreaker

New old prompts! Or old new prompts!
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simple beginnings

Title: Simple starts.
Rating: K+
Author: Rose0mary
T-Universe: Generation 1
Characters: Prowl, Sunstreaker
Prompt: Prowl/Sunstreaker – pride goeth before…
Summary: It started with a common enemy: the always-chaotic repair bays.

A fallCollapse )

Prompt: Prowl/Sunstreaker – pride goeth before…
Notes: I have no idea where this came from.

Having the reputation as berserkers did not endear the twins to Autobot Command.
shameCollapse )

TITLE: Phantoms Can’t Hang
FANDOM: Transformers: Prime/Robots in Disguise 2015
SUMMARY: "If in the case I do need guidance, you're the one I can turn to."
PROMPT: Optimus Prime/Bumblebee - "I've got you"
NOTES: Inspired by this Weekly Request Post and takes place during the series.
DISCLAIMER: The characters and universes belong to Hasbro.
TITLE: Let the Chalice Blaze
FANDOM: Transformers: Prime
SUMMARY: AU. It continued to lead all astray from what was there before.
PROMPT: Flamewar/Ratchet - first love
NOTES: Inspired by this Weekly Request Post and takes place during the series.
DISCLAIMER: The characters and universes belong to Hasbro.

December Prompts!

Fills since last time (which eek, was a while ago!)

ragnarok_08 Transformers Prime: "Make Trouble Out of Nothing" Moonracer/Shockwave G
                                                            "Anointed"  Flamewar/Skyquake G
                           Bayverse: "Holding the Severed Self" Optimus/Arcee G

New Prompts! (New prompts always welcome--tfrarepair at gmail dot com)!

Jazz/Wheeljack — Boom Shakalaka
Jazz/Bluestreak — sound of silence
Starscream/Jazz — I’m not scared of you
StarscreamxRamjet, practice
SwindlexKickback, redundant
Prowl/Sunstreaker: pride goeth before...

Flamewar/Ratchet - first love
Knockout/Optimus Prime- "Sweet Rims"
Knockout/Bumblebee- Speed
Optimus Prime/Bumblebee- "I've got you"
Optimus/Dreadwing - duel

Jazz/Sentinel: weapons training
Prowl/Sari: christmas caroling
Ratchet/Swindle: where's your holiday spirit?
Megatron/Strika: secrets and lies

Rodimus/Megatron: co-captain bonding
Swerve/Ultra Magnus: refresher course in fun
Rung/Roller: old stories
Quark/Perceptor: Nerdwar

See you on or about Christmas day for the resurrected prompts! Happy holidays, everyone!

Fall 2016 Bingo

I didn't finish all five, but  I did manage three of them, though they're not in any order
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NOT a bingo fill (final part)

Title: Late-night rescue
Rating: K+
Characters: Blades, Dani
T-Verse: Rescue Bots
Summary: Being scared witless by freaky webs is not that strange or unusual.
Author: Rose0mary
Prompt: Cobwebs
( Late-night help )

Title: Unlikeliest of situations
Rating: K+
Characters: Rescue Bot Team and Burns Family
T-Verse: Rescue Bots
Summary: Some phobias are pretty common – like arachnophobia, or claustrophobia. 
Author: Rose0mary
Prompt: Cobwebs
( Fear of - blank - )

Title: What’s in a name?
Rating: K+
Characters: Beachcomber, Tracks, Groove, Jazz
T-Verse: Generation 1
Summary: Gossip can be called many things – an informal chat, an informative talk, a rumor, an informational download, a cultural-trade – wait, not that last one.
Author: Rose0mary
Prompt# Hot Drinks.
( Information-gathering )

Title: A drinking habit
Rating: K+
Characters: Groove, Mirage, Sparkplug
T-Verse: Generation 1
Summary: There are some cultural boundaries that are picked up by osmosis – these are the barriers strangers seemingly ignore.
Author's Note: Imagine, if you will, Sparkplug chose to come in shortly after Jazz pointed out that Beachcomber and Tracks were discussing humans and their coffee, in a very public and open place.
PROMPT: Hot Drinks: 
( A habit? Or a problem? )

NOT a bingo (alas) - part 2

Title: Birds are not seekers
Rating: PG+
Characters: Bluestreak & Sunstreaker
T-Verse: Generation 1
Summary: there is a reason Sunstreaker (and not Sideswipe) is temporarily partnered with Bluestreak
Author: Rose0mary
Prompt: Migrating
( Continued Explorations )

Title: Changing Rules
Rating: PG+
Characters: Grimlock
T-Verse: Generation 1 / IDW
Summary: Not all games – along with their multitude of rules – were explained to the Autobots.
Author: Rose0mary
Prompt# Sports –
( Unspecified Rules )

Title: newfound family
Rating: PG+
Characters: Various Autobots
T-Verse: Generation 1 /IDW
Summary: Family is what you make of it – NOT who’s born in it (or to it)
Author: Rose0mary
Prompt# “Family”
( Building anew )

Title: Food Critic
Rating: K+
Characters: Heatwave, Chase,
T-Verse: Rescue Bots
Summary: The lack of ‘taste buds’ in Autobots can lead to cultural misunderstandings.
Author: Rose0mary
Prompt: “Food or fuel”
( Food critic )
Title: Perspective
Rating: PG+ and higher
Characters: Grapple
T-Verse: Generation 1
Summary: Grapple choosing to dislike something about everything.
Author: Rose0mary
Prompt#  “Food / Fuel”
( Perspective )

Title: Be Honest – but tactful
Rating: PG+ / K+
Characters: Burns Kids – Dani, Graham, Kade and Cody
T-Verse: Rescue Bots
Summary: This is why the family says nothing when Dani (or uncle Woodrow) asks “how was dinner”?
Author: Rose0mary
Prompt: Food / Fuel

( Food criticism )

Title: Difference of Opinion
Rating: PG+ /  K+
Characters: Kade, Hailey, Heatwave
T-Verse: Rescue Bots
Summary: A night by the seashore (with Heatwave as chaperone)
Author’s Note: The oldest Burns kid never struck me as one enjoying book knowledge – or scientifical information that has no relevance to his daily life. 
Prompt: Shorter Days / Longer Nights

( Personality Conflicts )

Title: Exploring Earth
Rating: PG+
Characters: Sideswipe, Hound
T-Verse: Generation 1 (IDW?)
Summary: there is a reason Sideswipe works with temporary partners only some of the time.
Author: Rose0mary
Prompt: migrating
( Exploring Earth )


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