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Focusing attention on unusual, non-standard and never before seen pairings in Transformers fandom.
Current Community Rules (8/4/2014)

Greetings! Welcome to the Transformers Rare Pairing Community! tf_rare_pairing is a community dedicated to "rare" and non-standard pairings in all universes of Transformers canon, where all Transformers fans are happily welcomed!

Your Community Moderators are eerian_sadow, mmouse15, niyazi_a and wicked3659.

Below are our community rules. Please read them and ask questions to clarify any points. You can reach any mod with those questions via PM at any time. (Though we may take a little while to get back to you, your questions will always be answered.)

1. Be excellent to each other. (Alternatively, don't be hatin'.) We're all here to have fun, and using this community (or any of its events) as a forum for basing, trolling or being nasty to anyone will not be tolerated. This is the most important rule in this community.

1a. This includes trolling, bullying, stealing and other types of harassment. Don't do it.

1b. Do not character or pairing bash, either. This is a place for rarely seen, unusual or non-fandom standardized pairings. If those bother you, this is not the community for you.

2. There are three ways to participate here via fanwork, though just viewing and commenting is its own form of welcome participation. To participate via fan creation, you may participate in our Weekly Requests, Bi-Monthly Challenges or create Non-Challenge pieces.

2a. Weekly Requests are fan generated pairing requests that are posted on Sunday night (typically around 10PM Central Time). Filling one of these will qualify you for the Weekly Participation Icon. Responses must be posted before the next week's roundup on Sunday.

2b. Bi-Monthly Challenges happen every two months and will feature a theme which your work will be centered around. Each challenge is a touch different, to help keep things fresh. Participating in a Bi-Monthly Challenge will qualify you for a prize banner and any additional goodies we may offer during special events. Responses must be posted by the end of the challenge period (which will vary from challenge to challenge).

2c. Non-Challenge pieces are exactly what they sound like: fan creations that don't fit into either of the two challenge categories. These can be posted to the community at any time. There is no prize for these contributions, but it's fun to share.

3. Fan creations posted to the community may be in any format. Challenges may have specific rules for that event only, but otherwise, anything goes. We accept art, fic, graphics, photography, comics and photo comics, and practically anything else you can think of. It doesn't matter what kind of content you create, we're happy to host it!

4. We have a very organized tagging system, and as a result we have a few tagging requirements. When you post, please tag with:

your personal creator tag (it will say "author: your name" for writers and "artist: your name" for artists, graphics designers, renderers and anyone else who creates a visual medium.)
Rating (this will range from G/K to NC17/AO)
Continuity (this will be G1, TFA, TF: Prime, etc)
characters (please tag the focal characters, not every character that appears in the fic)
challenge name, weekly request or non-challenge (this tag will vary by which event you're creating content for)
format (format will include fanfiction, art, graphics, etc)

4a. If you need a tag that is not on the list, please ask in the notes section of your post header or PM eerian_sadow to request one. (Please note, tag requests via PM may take longer to respond to, as only one mod will see them.)

4b. There are also tags for interface type if your fic contains adult content. They are optional, but it would be excellent if you used them.

5. All posts to the community that having ratings of M, R, NC17 or AO (adults only) must be members only locked to the community.

6. All posts containing fan created content must contain a header with the following:

Title: (if your piece is untitled, simply say so on this line)
Continuity: (you may alternately use the word "universe" since in this context they mean the same thing: the Transformers canon your piece is set in.)
Rating: (all ratings are accepted here, just remember to members lock anything higher than PG 13)
Characters/Pairing: (this is where you list the primary characters and/or pairing that appear in your fic)
Warnings/Content Advisory: (yes, you must add warnings if they appear on the list in Rule 7. You may also add additional warnings or content advisory here, if you like.)
Prompt: (this line is only required if you are participating in the Weekly Requests or a Bi-Monthly Challenge.)
Notes: (the notes section is optional, but if you need a tag this is the best line to put it on.)

6a. You may add to the header if you feel like it needs an extra line of information, but you may not subtract any elements.

7. If your piece contains any of the following items, they must be warned for in your header.

Mech-preg/Robot pregnancy
Child Abuse (of any kind)
Domestic Abuse (of any kind)
Extreme or Graphic Depictions of Violence
Character Death (on screen)
Interface Type (this will include sticky, plug and play, tactile, sparks, energy fields or that new type you just created for your contribution.)

8. If your contribution is a fic over 100 words or contains images, it needs to go under a cut.

9. Screening of comments is not allowed, except by a moderator.

10. If you need to contact a moderator, do it. We keep an open door policy around here and will always listen to anything you have to say. We like to be hands on, and having open channels of communication helps us with that. We may be contacted at our LJ PM boxes, our DW PM boxes and the moderator email account tfrare.pair@gmail.com.

11. There is a list for pairings that are banned by this community and a list for pairings that are growing in popularity that may be added to that banned list soon. If you aren't sure if your pairing is rare enough, please consult it. If you're still unsure, ask. The Banned And Watched Pairings List is here.

11a. The Banned and Watched lists are subject to change. A pairing that may have been common a year ago could have next to no followers in the current day and be removed, or a previously rare pairing might catch on like wildfire and have to be added. The community will be notified when the list is updated.

12. Have fun! This is the second most important rule. This is a place to celebrate our fandom and our less-known ships. If it isn't fun, please let us know what we can do to make it fun again!

Please let us know if you have any comments/suggestions/concerns. <3